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My pelvic pain journey to wellness

When I first started seeing Dr. Pierre several years ago, I was in a much different place than I am now, physically, emotionally, and mentally. I was literally in tears in our first appointment, at the end of my rope. I had seen other pain management doctors, undergone pelvic floor physical therapy, and had six surgeries starting at age 19, including a hysterectomy at 23. That was only a temporary fix for me, and by my 30s, I found myself miserable again.

Intimacy was difficult and painful, as were sleeping, standing, and sitting. Most life-altering was my daily struggle with bowel movements due to endometriosis in my colon and other areas in my abdomen and pelvis. The adhesions from endo and surgeries caused me to strain every day, leading to more sharp pains. I cried with every bowel movement, and regular gynecological visits were a nightmare, often leaving me in tears.

I was not in a good place at only 30, wondering if I would always be this way, or if it would get worse. I was very grateful to find an awesome, compassionate OBGYN, Darla Lofgren at the Women's Health Group. When she exhausted all surgical options, she referred me to Dr. Pierre. Our first appointment was eye-opening; I felt heard and seen.

Asian woman suffering from pelvic pain. Hip muscle stiffness

Over the next few months, he worked with me to create a plan tailored to my body and situation. He helped get my pain and anxiety medications in order and suggested nerve blocks for my pain, a new and initially scary concept for me. Dr. Hugo Salgureo, who performed these procedures, was incredibly kind and comforting.

These nerve blocks, done every few months for a couple of years, made a huge difference. I even went dancing for the first time in years and started enjoying fun activities again. Then, nerve ablation was suggested. It wasn't automatically covered by my insurance, but Dr. Pierre helped me navigate the appeal process.

Now, I undergo a non-invasive outpatient procedure twice a year, the Pulsed Radio-frequency Ablation of the Ganglion of the Impar nerve. The process is simple: I'm lightly sedated, feel no pain during the ablation, and am ready to be driven home shortly after. I usually relax for the rest of the day and am back to normal life by the next day. With the nerve ablation, my pain level rarely exceeds a 4, even on bad days, and I seldom need pain medication.

While I'll never be completely pain-free, my life is so much better now. I can sleep through the night, use the bathroom without tears or pain, enjoy intimacy with my husband, and live a normal, happy life. This improvement is priceless, and I'm forever grateful to Dr. Lofgren for referring me to Dr. Pierre.

I know everyone's situation is different, but Dr. Pierre worked with me to pinpoint and address my specific issues. There is hope and there are options. My advice to anyone struggling with chronic pain is to keep looking, keep trying, and be open to new ideas. Ask questions; it's your body and your journey. You will find professionals who care.

About the author:

This is a testimonial of Dr. Harold Pierre's patient who dealt with real pain and struggles, and the help that she received with her chronic pelvic pain.

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