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Reflecting on a Recovery From Alcohol

This young man I consider the Yoda of recovery. I can talk with him for HOURS! He will openly discuss his prior multi-substance use in front of anyone. Sometimes I get uncomfortable for him when we are talking during social gatherings. But that is the wonderful thing about recovery from alcohol, he is able to talk about his dark past from the perspective of a man in sustained recovery. Here is his testimonial:

The descent into addiction can start from many places, but the end of the road always leads to two outcomes. You can walk away from your drug of choice or it invariably takes your life from you. For many of us, that death only comes after your vice has stripped you of any semblance of the person you were or could ever hope to be.

Cropped view of alcoholp-addicted man holding glass of whiskey, copy

My drug is alcohol. It gave me strength, confidence, charisma, freedom, and the ability to live in the moment...for a time. By the time I turned 29, my body could barely hold itself up. I lacked the confidence to make eye contact with anyone but a fellow drunkard. The very sight of me caused a combination of shock and pity from my former friends and family. I was imprisoned within my apartment, venturing out just long enough to obtain booze and slither home. Time became meaningless, for night and day were measured in the liquor store's hours of operation. The bottle was my Master, my God, and my Hell.

To those who are experiencing such servitude, the desire to be free of the poison is second only to the desire to use and feel as we once did. We've given you all we are, and you repay us with despair, hopelessness, and cravings. We feed you, but you are never full. We offer you shelter, so you burn down our home. We love you, and you push away everyone who loved us. There can be only you, on terms non-negotiable and final. In the end, you will kill us only when you are bored of watching us slowly die.

If this sounds familiar, then you have come to the right place. You've reached a stop sign on the road towards two of the possible outcomes mentioned above. This time, you have the opportunity to choose yourself over your Master. Yet it will not be easy, for you will struggle. Patience, fortitude, and resilience shall be asked of you. But after 9 years of sobriety, I can attest that life on the other side of addiction is worth the great efforts you must make. For no one else can make them for you. Dr. Pierre can help guide you on this new path, but your feet are your own. You get to decide whether to walk towards a beginning or an end.

About the author:

This is a testimonial of Dr. Harold Pierre's patient who dealt with real struggles and overcame Alcohol addiction. This is his success story.

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